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  • Shagara

    The word shagara means tree in Arabic and it is trees that Shagara aims to grow more of, particularly inside cities, in order to protect the environment and at the same time mitigate poverty. While the environmental benefits of trees are obvious, one might question how trees can improve someone read more

  • Nawaya

    We are a team of young professionals, inspired by the Revolution to collaborate with partners as diverse as the challenges faced by rural Egypt. We are proponents of sustainable agriculture as the core driver for productive communities that flourish from the bottom-up. Our initiative, “Nawaya”, recognizes the need for development read more

  • وادي المشمش

    وادي المشمش .. يوفر حلول بديلة لمشاكل مجتمعنا لكل المجالات ” التعليم -البطالة-الاقتصاد-الطاقة… الخ” .. للهدف الأكبر هو تطوير المجتمع للنهوض به من المجتمع الثالث للمجتمع المتقدم و ذلك بتطوير الشباب بنائين الأمم .. و ذلك بعد أن ثبت نجاح كل المبادارات الشبابية في المجالات المتخصصة .. فقررنا نحن مواطنين read more

  • Educate-Me

    About Educate-Me Educate-Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation (registration number 8418) that was founded in June 2010 and aspires to redefine education in Egypt. Educate-Me started as a fundraising effort to reinstate financially underprivileged children back to school, but after concluding that public education is insufficient, Educate-Me moved towards read more

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