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  • Nebny Motto:
    “To go fast, go alone – To go far, go together”

    To build a better and more humane socio-economic environment for Egyptians where equal rights are ensured, active involvement is encouraged and Egyptians are unified, which inspires the world to create a path for a better and a happier tomorrow.
    Nebny’s aim is to improve the living conditions and quality of life of Egypt’s people, empower them to actively engage in their societies and unite them by tackling community’s socio-economic problems from its roots to enable the marginalized to meet their basic needs and minimize the gap between the rich and the poor. We intend to achieve this through creating job opportunities, developing existing projects, establishing processes/models that can be recreated globally and supporting committed volunteers to increase awareness, help build social bridges and break barriers between people.
    Our Values:
    ◊ Transparency
    ◊ Respect for everyone
    ◊ Positivity
    ◊ Honesty
    ◊ Proficiency
    ◊ Encouraging Creativity
    ◊ Confidence in each other
    ◊ Sincerity
    ◊ Compassion
    ◊ Humanity
    ◊ Patriotism
    ◊ Commitment and devotion to our values

    Nebny History (The Beginning Story):

    Nebny Foundation was established by a group of young Egyptians who participated in the revolution for a better future for Egypt; we believe that the revolution will succeed in realizing its goals when Egypt becomes the leading developing country in the world.
    We hope to help Egyptians find happiness, achieve their dreams and have a better tomorrow. We help people so that one day they help others; this is why we spread the value of helping others. We also want to help people be grateful for what they have and we do that through spreading positivity.
    We believe that humanity and helping others makes you feel a better human being; we want all Egyptians, regardless of their social class, to recognize their shared values of humanity (as we did in the Midan).
    Ask yourself: what you can do for Egypt, not what Egypt can do for you (based on John F. Kennedy quote).

    For all those who are interested to join, please send your cv to hr.nebny@gmail.com

    وقد تم تشكيل Nebny مؤسسة من قبل مجموعة من الشباب المصريين الذين شاركوا في الثورة. انهم يعتقدون ان نجاح الثورة لم تتوقف عند اتخاذ اسفل النظام القديم، لكنهم يعتقدون أن الثورة ستنجح عندما تصبح مصر الدولة الرائدة في العالم النامي. نحن أصغر دولة في العالم تحت 70 ٪ 35. هذا هو السبب في أننا أغنى أمة في العالم، ونحن نعتقد أن Nebny والعمالة هي القضية الرئيسية التي يتعين حلها في الوقت الراهن وسوف نقوم بحلها.

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