The Pursuit of Happiness

People who love their work lead happier lives. They enjoy better health and personal relationships, and become stronger and more productive community members. Most individuals, however, are extremely unhappy in their work or their careers. For a person struggling to make ends meet, “happiness” is not a factor in choosing a job. In Egypt especially, hobbies are considered separate from long-term career goals, and people often don’t think they can pursue either. In most cases, you may have a wide range of interests – both career-oriented and personal – but feel isolated, not knowing how you can incorporate what you love into what you do in your daily life. The problem is finding the space – whether it’s a non-governmental organization, company, independent space, workshop, club, or an informal group of like-minded people – where you can meet your needs for personal growth. Eshbook was founded out of this desire to help Egyptians pursue happiness, so that work and craft can become more satisfying and fun.

Connecting People and Spaces

Eshbook is a community spaces directory, navigation and networking platform where people and spaces meet. In its current form, it works like a searchable database. Anyone can enter the website and search for their profession or interest across a detailed list of non-corporate organizations, activities, and other types of events, each with its own profile, contact information, and location tool. The common misconception is that only in big cities like Cairo and Alexandria can one find a wide breadth of independently-run spaces that correspond to many people’s professional or secondary interests. Eshbook, with its meticulous compilation of data, proves that this is not the case: in fact, there are hundreds of training academies, workshops, arts and culture centers, and co-working spaces across all Egyptian governorates that offer interesting courses, training, events, and work opportunities. Whether you looking for work, interested in honing specific skills, or simply meeting people with similar passions, Eshbook offers a range of non-traditional settings for you to choose from.